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Xiamen International Seaside Hotel

Xiamen International Seaside Hotel is located in the charming Huandao Road of Xiamen Jinwan District (Xiamen Jinmen), adjacent to the main venue of the 28th China Jinji Baihua Film Festival, and more than ten kilometers away from Xiamen University, Nanputuo, shapowei, wanghong Xinjing zengcuolong, XiaGu wharf and Gulangyu boarding point.
The hotel has a first-line Deluxe Sea View (high-rise guest room). The super view sea terrace can enjoy the charming sea. It looks like a luxury cruise ship on the maritime Silk Road, with a total length of 325 meters. It is designed by the BRICs night view maker to present a magnificent 'cruise window', a stack of BRICs and a big gold ingot.
The hotel has an international lecture hall with a capacity of more than 400 people and an 800 square meter Gulang banquet hall. It is connected with the 150000 square meter International Convention and Exhibition Center and adjacent to the 140000 square meter International Convention and Exhibition Center. It can share up to 49 luxurious banquet and conference venues including the Strait hall with a capacity of 1750 people. Able to undertake the super large-scale stewing of tens of thousands of people, holding the official take away license, with more than 20 years of experience in stewing.
Yihaiyuan cafeteria offers World-Wide selection of delicacies, Liwan Chinese restaurant offers authentic Xiamen seafood, and unique Cantonese, Fujian and Huaiyang dishes to customize your taste buds.
Play Dolphin Bay Beach, the starting point of saixiama, the gathering place of high-quality innovation and entrepreneurship central business district and Xiamen International Financial Center, close to a number of emerging luxury business districts, you can have all kinds of food, drink and play. You can also take a leisurely walk along the coastal scenery walk, or run or ride a double bike by the sea breeze.
The hotel of Jianfa group, one of the world's top 500 enterprises, provides warm service to create the quality of BRICs and the time of Heron Island. It is not only a convention and exhibition, but also a seaside business, leisure and holiday.

Breakfast price: CNY80($11.9) / person
Breakfast type: Buffet


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Xiamen International Seaside Hotel
Tel: +86-592-5959999
Add.: 199 Convention and Exhibition Road, adjacent to Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center